Movie Review


When Harry Met Sally… (1989)


Directed by: Rob Reiner

Starring: Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan

Whoever said men and women can’t be friends was definitely right.  In When Harry Met Sally…, Nora Ephron explores the friendship of Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) and shows that sex always gets in the way of any platonic relationship between a man and a woman.  Harry and Sally meet in college when driving to New York City, and they’re both in relationships at the time.  They soon become friends but quickly end their friendship when Harry tells Sally that she is attractive.  The two continue to meet over the next decade or so in an on-and-off-again friendship until they eventually do have sex.  Then their friendship really gets complicated.  Ephron’s When Harry Met Sally… has some incredible writing.  It’s intelligent, it’s funny, and it’s original.  Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan have some amazing romantic and comedic chemistry that takes this flick to the next level and makes it a romantic comedy worth viewing any time day or night.


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