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Some movies aren't worth your time and money.  Others are so bad that you could only enjoy them if you were wasted, and  a rare few are so good that you just can't miss them.  At Sobriety Test Movie Reviews, we're all about giving you truth on the latest and greatest films at the box office.  We'll let you know when a film is not so good and when you need a buzz to get through them.  We'll even give you a drink recommendation! 

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The Sobriety Test Team 

James Brown (SoberFilmCritic)

Mary D. (SoberFilmChick)


Zach Davis (DrunkFilmCritic)


Special Thanks

This site was founded in June 2011.  The STMR team has had a lot of help along the way:

  • Special thanks goes out to Oye Fajobi for coming up with the crazy idea of putting films through the Sobriety Test!
  • Special thanks goes out to Marie Brown and Gene Hobbs for their extensive marketing and promotional efforts! 
  • Special thanks goes to Alyce Tzue for designing the graphics for the site.

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