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James Brown

Founder & Critic, Sobriety Test Movie Reviews


"Most know me by now as the SoberFilmCritic.  I'm here to sift through all the crap that studios put out and let you know what the real gems are.  I've been a movie lover all my life and believe that Sobriety Test Movie Reviews is the perfect way for me to show it.  When I founded the site, I saw this as an opportunity to put a unique spin on the world of movie reviews.  Movies and liquor are the perfect combo.  Some of my favorite films include Gladiator, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Shawshank Redemption.  I love to have some gin with cranberry juice as well.  Yes, I know it's a rather unique combination, but that's what Sobriety Test is all about!"


Other Recent Developments:

5/31/2013: The SoberFilmCritic chats with actress Gal Gadot about Fast & Furious 6 on HuffPost Live.


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