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At Sobriety Test, we like to have a little fun with rating films.  We evaluate films on the basis of how much alcohol you need to enjoy them.  If you need some strong drinks, that's not an encouraging sign for the film.  The breathalyzer never lies.  Here's a breakdown of how we rate flicks:


These flicks are just plain awesome.  Movies with a sober rating are the best of the best.  These films are experiences you just can't miss!  With a few sips of alcohol, however, you might just miss the ride.


Flicks with a 0.03% rating are great films.  We at Sobriety Test feel they are just not great enough to get a sober rating for whatever reason.


Movies with a 0.06% rating are decent films.  Sure, they are enjoyable, but they do have their problems.  A few drinks might help you to see past the films problems.


You're going to need some liquid courage to get through a film with a 0.09% rating.  A film with this rating pretty much sucks.  A mixed drink should help you get tipsy enough to get through one of these mediocre flicks.



Be warned.  The only way you're going to get through a film this crappy is by getting wasted.  Don't get dragged to one of these nightmares without stopping by the liquor store first!

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