The 2014 Movie Bucket and Wasted Movies Lists are up!  Check them out here for the best and worst of the year!

Before we bite the dust, we all have certain things we want to get done.  We want to try certain things and go to certain places.  Somewhere in the backs of our minds, we have a bucket list of all these hopes and desires.  Well, there are also certain movies we want and have to see.  At Sobriety Test, we would like to give you some recommendations for your movie bucket list.  We have something for everybody.  If you're an action junkie, check out the Action Bucket List.  If you're more interested in serious films, check out the Drama Bucket List. We also do Annual Movie ListsEnjoy the lists!

Each bucket list entry has a Sobriety Test rating, a short review, and the film trailer.  Each bucket list has at most ten entries and at most five honorable mentions. 
No reviews are provided for honorable mentions.

The criteria to be placed on one of the lists are as follows:

  • The film has to have at least a 0.03% rating (with the exception of the Guilty Pleasures and Horror Buckets).
  • The film has to be influential or has stood the test of time.
  • The film has generally been released within the last 40 years.  There are a few exceptions to this though.
  • The film can only appear on one bucket list.
  • The film is a must-see at some point in your life.

There are a couple of lists that don't meet all of the criteria above.  Special bucket lists include the Hidden Gems list and the Guilty Pleasures list:

Some films never get the respect and appreciation they truly deserve.  Others get to much love and develop unwarranted followings.  Sobriety Test would like to honor those films that don't get enough love  For the  hidden gems bucket list, movies that qualify only include those that made less than $100 million at the domestic box office.

Guilty pleasures are those bad films that we still love.  We know they're not the best thing we've seen, but we still enjoy the anyway.  For Sobriety Test, these are films with ratings 0.06% and higher.


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