Movie Review

Friday (1995)


Directed by: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Bernie Mac, John Witherspoon, and Tommy Lister, Jr.

Craig (Ice Cube) is having a tough time.  He gets fired from his job.  His father Mr. Jones (John Witherspoon) wants him to work alongside him as a dog catcher.  He can’t get the girl he wants because his current girlfriend is crazy and won’t let go.  His friend Smokey (Chris Tucker) only adds on to those problems.  Smokey’s a drug dealer who has no revenue to show for his missing product to boss Big Worm (Faizon Love).  When he jerks Big Worm around and puts the blame on Craig, Smokey makes problems worse for Craig.   Big Worm tells Smokey that if he doesn’t come up with the missing money by 10pm that night, both he and Craig will get killed.  Friday is one of the funniest and wildest films I’ve ever seen.  Chris Tucker has never been crazier on the big screen, and he is an absolute riot. With a strong supporting cast of talented comedians like Bernie Mac and John Witherspoon, it’s no wonder that Friday is still loved by many moviegoers today.  Have some wine coolers with this one!



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