The Brothers (2001)


Movie Review

Directed by: Gary Hardwick

Starring: Morris Chestnut, D.L. Hughley, Bill Bellamy, and Shemar Moore

Four longtime best friends—Jackson Smith (Morris Chestnut), Brian Palmer (Bill Bellamy), Derrick West (D.L. Hughley), and Terry White (Shemar Moore)—have one problem, the women in their lives.  Jackson fears commitment.  The fact that his new girlfriend Denise (Gabrielle Union) slept with his father (Clifton Powell) in the past doesn’t help to alleviate those fears.  Derrick’s relationship with his wife Sheila (Tamala Jones) is falling apart because of the simple fact that he can’t get a blow job from her.  Brian, an attorney, has a case in court over which his ex-girlfriend (Angelle Brooks) will be presiding as judge.  Terry gets cold feet as he gets closer to his wedding with fiancée BeBe (Susan Dalian).   All these guys have major issues with the women in their lives, and the only coping mechanism they have is hanging out with their brothers on the basketball court.

The Brothers is a film that gives a vision of love from a black man’s perspective.  Undoubtedly, they rip the band-aid off a few issues in a hilarious way, but it’s the love that drives this film.  If you’re looking for a good date night flick, grab a little alcohol and check out Gary Hardwick’s The Brothers.



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