Down to Earth (2001)


Movie Review

Directed by: Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz

Starring: Chris Rock, Regina King, Chazz Palminteri, Eugene Levy, Frankie Faison, Jennifer Coolidge, Greg Germann, and Wanda Sykes

Lance Barton (Chris Rock) is a funny guy.  He just doesn’t know how to show it on stage.  After getting booed off stage one night, he’s riding his bike and sees a beautiful woman named Sontee Jenkins (Regina King) from a distance.  Unfortunately, it’s the last thing he sees as he is immediately hit by a semi truck and killed.  After his death, Lance goes to heaven and meets angels King (Chazz Palminteri) and Keyes (Eugene Levy) who regret to inform him that he was accidentally taken too soon and that he should still be walking among the living.  To fix the situation, the angels offer him a temporary body until they can find a more permanent solution to bring him back to the land of the living.  Unfortunately, he’s going to have to find comedic success as a rich, white guy. 

Down to Earth is one of comedian Chris Rock’s most hilarious films.  That’s because he gets to do what he does in the film best—stand-up comedy.  With a little alcohol, you’re guaranteed big laughs during this one.  While I should recommend gin given the movie’s fondness of the song “Gin and Juice”, it’s too good for that.  Have a few wine coolers with Down to Earth.



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