Hitch (2005)


Movie Review

Directed by: Andy Tennant

Starring: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, and Amber Valletta

Alex “Hitch” Hitchens (Will Smith) is the date doctor.  He teaches his clients, other men, the art of seducing women.  He’s revered by men throughout the city, and remains a mysterious, unknown figure to women.  When Albert Brennaman (Kevin James) falls for superstar Allegra Cole (Amber Valetta), he seeks out Hitch for help.  Meanwhile, gossip columnist Sara Melas (Eva Mendes) is determined to unmask the legendary date doctor.  However, she unknowingly gets into a relationship with him.  As the relationship between Hitch and Sara develops, Hitch seems to be failing at the art he successfully teaches other men while trying to maintain the secrecy of his date doctor alter ego.

Hitch has the most bankable and beloved star in Hollywood today, Will Smith, so there’s no doubt that it was destined to be a hit.  The film is a romantic comedy that feels like a buddy comedy at times.  The comedic chemistry of Smith and James is unbelievably funny, while the romantic sparks between Smith and Mendes could light a campfire.  Hitch is undoubtedly a great romantic comedy that belongs on this bucket list.  This hilarious, heartwarming romantic comedy gets a 0.03% rating.



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