Boyz n the Hood (1991)


Movie Review

Directed by: John Singleton

Starring: Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ice Cube, Laurence Fishburne, and Morris Chestnut

Tré  (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), Ricky (Morris Chestnut), and Doughboy (Ice Cube) have been lifelong friends and grown up in South Central Los Angeles.  As a teenager, Tré now gets good grades at school and works at the mall.  He has a girlfriend named Brandi (Nia Long), and both have college aspirations.  Ricky (Morris Chestnut) is a star football player at his high school, and Doughboy (Ice Cube) is a high school dropout.  He has turned to a life of crime.  Though their lives are on divergent paths, the three friends can learn a lot from each other.  Through their struggles on the streets of L.A., the young men deal with every kind of social problem that can afflict a black man.  John Singleton’s Boyz n the Hood is a smart flick that captures the moral dilemmas that black men face in the ghetto.  Don’t miss out on this great flick.



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