Barbershop (2002)


Movie Review

Directed by: Tim Story

Starring: Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve, Michael Ealy, Troy Garity, Leonard Earl Howze, Keith David, Lahmard Tate, DeRay Davis, and Cedric the Entertainer

Calvin Palmer, Jr.’s (Ice Cube) barbershop is a staple of the black community in Chicago.  The only problem is that Calvin doesn’t realize it.  After years of financial woes with the shop, Calvin decides to sell it to a self-serving loan shark named Lester Wallace (Keith David).  When Calvin finally does realize how valuable the shop is to the community, he may be too late.  Meanwhile, fools JD (Anthony Anderson) and Billy (Lahmard Tate) steal an ATM from a convenience store and are having a little trouble opening it.

Barbershop is the iconic wholesome black movie.  While it’s pretty damn hilarious, it hits at some important issues for the black community of the time.  Ironically, the most poignant commentary on these issues comes from the most hilarious person in the film—Cedric the Entertainer’s Eddie, an old barber who’s been around to see it all.  Anthony Anderson also delivers some big laughs in his ATM heist gone awry.  Barbershop gets a 0.03% rating.



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