Juno (2007)


Movie Review

Directed by: Jason Reitman

Starring: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Olivia Thirlby, J. K. Simmons, Allison Janney, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman

Sixteen year-old Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) is facing a challenge no smart teenage girl wants to face—an unplanned pregnancy.  She is pregnant with the child of her friend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera).  She decides to try to conceal this from her parents.  Though Juno initially intends to have an abortion, she decides that it may be best to go through with the pregnancy and give it to another family.  After seeing an ad, she meets the couple of Mark and Vanessa Long (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner) and decides that the couple is suitable to take care of her child.  She eventually tells her parents that she is expecting (J. K. Simmons and Allison Janney).  As Juno goes through with the pregnancy however, the Long couple begins to fear that she may keep the baby.

Juno is a fun flick that explores a very uncomfortable family topic—teen pregnancy.  It gets into the inner workings of this controversial social topic in hilarious detail.  Reitman’s indie flick is an unusually smart, well-written comedy that’s both heartwarming and blunt.  With a phenomenal ensemble cast and a clever screenplay, Juno gets a 0.03% rating.



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