Dogma (1999)


Movie Review

Directed by: Kevin Smith

Starring: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Fiorentino, George Carlin, Salma Hayek, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Alan Rickman, and Chris Rock

Two rogue angels Loki (Matt Damon) and Bartleby (Ben Affleck) were banished from heaven by God and want to get back up there.  They figure out that they can get back into heaven by getting their sins forgiven and then dying.   They fail to realize that doing this would destroy existence itself because this is ultimately defying and overruling God, which violates all rules of existence.  God is well aware of this and sends the seraph Metatron (Alan Rickman) to task Bethany Sloane (Linda Fiorentino), a woman with a rather special heritage, to prevent Loki and Bartleby from entering heaven.  Bethany eventually takes on the daunting task and is aided by prophets, the thirteenth apostle, and a Muse.  Dogma is a uniquely fun film.  At first glance, you’d think it’s a sacrilegious film because of the crude nature of some of the humor.  It’s really an outrageously fun comedy that both questions the need for religion but embraces the notion of faith in a higher power simultaneously.  It’s a guilty pleasure you’ll enjoy again and again.



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