Volver (2006)


Movie Review

Directed by: Pedro Almodóvar

Starring: Penélope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Lola Dueñas, Bianca Portillo, Yohana Cobo, and Chus Lampreave

Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) and Soledad (Lola Dueñas) are two sisters who grew up in a small village in La Mancha.  When they grew up, they moved to Madrid and started their lives there.  Several years ago, their parents died in a fire.  However, their aging aunt Paula (Chus Lampreave) claims that she still sees their mother Irene (Carmen Maura) on a regular basis.  Neither the townspeople nor her nieces believe her until the ghost of Irene goes to Madrid to spend some time with her daughters.  Irene has some unresolved issues with both Raimunda and Sole that need to be resolved before she can rest peacefully.  Meanwhile, Raimunda helps her own teen daughter Paula (Yohana Cobo) to cover up the murder of her alleged father Paco (Antonio de la Torre) by dumping his father in the freezer of a nearby restaurant that was recently closed down.

Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar brings his masterful filmmaking skills to Volver, and Penélope Cruz brings her incredible acting prowess to this clever, fun flick.  It’s a zany, low-brow film with plenty of references to Cruz’s boobs, but it’s also a uniquely beautiful film that you’ll love from start to finish.  Volver gets a sober rating.  Don’t miss out on this great foreign flick!



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