House of Flying Daggers (2004)


Movie Review

Directed by: Zhang Yimou

Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Andy Lau

House of Flying Daggers is set in 859 AD, at a time when the Tang Dynasty‚Äôs strength is fading.  Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is a police officer assigned to infiltrate the House of Flying Daggers, a rebel group wreaking havoc in the region.  Mei (Zhang Ziyi) is believed to be the blind daughter of the leader of the House, and the government imprisons her as part of a plot to flush out the leader of the House.  Jin pretends to befriend Mei so that he can gain her trust and ultimately uncover the secrets of the group.  He breaks Mei out of prison and spirits her away hoping that she will lead him to the infamous House of Flying Daggers.  Unexpectedly, Jin and Mei begin to fall in love.  However, painful secrets threaten to destroy them.

Director Zhang Yimou brilliantly weaves political drama, amazing martial arts sequences, and vivid imagery throughout the film.  Though a romance about star-crossed lovers is a tale as old as time, Yimou offers a fresh look with the beautiful love story of Jin and Mei.



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