Goodfellas (1990)


Movie Review

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci

Over the last several decades, Martin Scorsese has given us many classic films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The Departed.  Goodfellas is his greatest cinematic work to date and is one of the best films ever made.  Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) is a small time gangster who hits the big time with his associates Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy De Vito (Joe Pesci) when they rob a cargo terminal at JFK airport.  Based on actual events, Goodfellas is a gritty story full of murder and drugs that shows just how far some people are willing to go to maintain the glorified gangster lifestyle.  In the eyes of many moviegoers, there is no greater crime film with the exception of The Godfather.  This is a slightly shorter mob flick than some of the others crime films mentioned up to this point.  Goodfellas clocks in at about two and half hours, but the time will fly by you when you actually watch it.



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