Wedding Crashers (2005)


Movie Review

Directed by: David Dobkin

Starring: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Christopher Walken, and Bradley Cooper

John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) work in Washington, DC as divorce mediators.  In their free time, they crash weddings to hook up with women.  Elaborate covers help these two best friends to become the life of the party at every wedding and to score big with the ladies.  When they decide to crash the wedding of the daughter of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury William Cleary (Christopher Walken), they learn that crashing weddings can be dangerous business. John falls for his daughter Claire (Rachel McAdams), while Jeremy supposedly takes the virginity of his other daughter Gloria (Isla Fisher) during the reception.  After the wedding, John and Jeremy are invited back to the Cleary family compound for a weekend of frivolity that tests the limits of the veteran wedding crashers.

Wedding Crashers might be my favorite comedy of all time.  It is one of those rare gems that I can watch anytime anywhere.  Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are at their absolute best in this wild, raunchy affair.  Their comedic chemistry is uncanny.  You will laugh until you cry during this film.  This one will go down as a classic some day.  Don’t miss it!



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