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REVIEW: When Hollywood Manager Lenny Feder Plays Arrow Roulette With His Old Friends, Grown Ups Shows Its Immaturity

Posted by James Brown on Thursday, July 11, 2013, In : 0.12% Hard Liquor 
Grown Ups

Directed By: Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph

Adam Sandler's career is one big mystery to me.  How does a guy who makes consistently awful movies continue to flourish as a box office champ?  I just don't understand why people still go to see his movies.  It's a true mystery to me.  That being said, an even greater mystery to me is why other stars sign up to join him in his shenanigans on...

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REVIEW: Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill to Fetch a Pail of Crap

Posted by James Brown on Sunday, July 15, 2012, In : 0.12% Hard Liquor 
Jack and Jill

Directed By: Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino

Adam Sandler's career is a continuous downward spiral that baffles me.  After nearly a decade of constant crap, why is this guy still making movies?  Better yet, why are his films still making money as loyal fans continue to waste their money on the latest and tasteless?  Why do big name stars continue to make appearances in his flicks?  All these questions perplex me because Sandler has not been at his c...
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REVIEW: When Adam Sandler’s Crew Gets Romantic, It's Better to Grab a Couple Beers and ‘Just Go With It’

Posted by Zach Davis on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, In : 0.06% Beer or Wine 
Just Go With It
Zach Davis

Directed By: Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Dan Patrick, Brooklyn Decker, Dave Matthews, Nick Swardson, and Nicole Kidman

With any good romantic comedy, character is key; and while Just Go With It offers up little in terms of depth, it keeps to Sandler’s comedic strengths of goofy sight gags and situational absurdity.

Danny (Adam Sandler) overhears the true feelings of his bride to be and walks away from the wedding.  Naturally, he heads straigh...
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