Something Borrowed

Directed By: Luke Greenfield

Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, John Krasinki, Colin Egglesfield, Steve Howey, and Ashley Williams

With all the big films that came out last year, a lot of smaller movies got swept under the rug.  For every Thor, Harry Potter, or Mission: Impossible, there were twice as many films we ignored at the box office.  These forgotten flicks tend to be either romantic comedies or family films.  One of the forgotten ones from May is Something Borrowed.  This romantic comedy just happens to be something I'm glad to have missed during its theatrical run.

Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) is an attorney in New York City, and today is her 30th birthday.  Her childhood best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) throws her a surprise party that becomes a little more about Darcy than the birthday girl.  Darcy gets wasted and her fiancée Dex (Colin Egglesfield), a former classmate of Rachel from NYU Law, takes her home for the night.  The only problem is that Darcy leaves her $2,000 Chanel purse at the club, and Dex has to go back.  When he arrives, he runs into Rachel.  He asks her out for a drink, and sparks fly.  When the former study partners wake up the next morning in Rachel's bed, they realize that they're more than just friends.  There's just one tiny problem.  Dex is engaged to Rachel's best friend.

Something Borrowed is something straight out of the romantic comedy playbook.  It is one of the most formulaic, predictable rom coms in years.  I can call everything that is said in the movie at least five minutes before it's said.  Like any bad romantic comedy, it uses songs to try to tug at viewers' hearts and do what the film can't do on its own—evoke genuine emotion.  If you've seen any other schmaltzy romantic comedy manufactured by Hollywood, then you've seen Something Borrowed.  The film really needs to find some originality of its own.

Ginnifer Goodwin's role as Rachel in Something Borrowed is the same character she's played every time she's on camera.  She always portrays a lonely woman who can't get a man.  Whether in Something Borrowed, He's Just Not That Into You, or the ABC drama Once Upon a Time, Goodwin does exactly the same thing every single time.  She's been typecast as the lonely chick and hasn't done anything about it.  She consequently hasn't grown as an actress, and I'm frankly tired of seeing her in these roles.  She needs to do something different with herself.

Kate Hudson's portrayal of Darcy is annoying as hell.  She's the clueless, self-absorbed, self-indulgent best friend.  She's the funny one in the movie.  In this sort of a film, we're not supposed to like her, but we're not supposed to outright hate her either.  Though she doesn't have the most charming personality, her fiancée is cheating on her with her best friend.  To some extent, we should feel sorry for her.  We don't though.  The issue at hand is that Darcy is too damn irritating.  Given this, I could care less about the brewing strife in her relationship.

I don't have too many good things to say about Something Borrowed, but I can say this.  Seeing Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin dance to Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It" was quite entertaining.  Aside from that, I wouldn't bother with watching the film if I were you.  It's a predictable hot mess.  Something Borrowed gets a 0.09% rating.  If you dare see this one, have a few mojitos beforehand.