Jack and Jill

Directed By: Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino

Adam Sandler's career is a continuous downward spiral that baffles me.  After nearly a decade of constant crap, why is this guy still making movies?  Better yet, why are his films still making money as loyal fans continue to waste their money on the latest and tasteless?  Why do big name stars continue to make appearances in his flicks?  All these questions perplex me because Sandler has not been at his comedic best in years.  There's no box office haul or A-list celebrity that can change this fact.  Last year's film Jack and Jill is a prime example of all this.

Jack Sadelstein (Sandler) makes commercials for a living.  The largest client for his advertising agency is Dunkin' Donuts.  This top client wants Al Pacino (himself) to appear in a commercial for their new product, the Dunkaccino.  If they don't get it, Sadelstein can kiss the contract and his advertising agency goodbye.  To make matters worse, his twin sister Jill (Sandler) is flying out to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving.  Upon her arrival, Jill quickly begins making Jack's life a living hell.  The only bright spot in his life is that he's going on a cruise with his wife (Katie Holmes) and kids (Elodie Tougne & Rohan Chand) to celebrate the New Year.

Jill is a bit of an oddball.  She's got a problem with flatulence.  She leaves sweat stains wherever she sleeps.  To make matters worse, she wants to lie down in bed with her brother.  It's needless to say that she can't get a man.  When Jack sets up a date for Jill that goes terribly awry, he feels guilty.  He takes her out to a Lakers game, one that Al Pacino happens to be attending.  When Jack goes to say hello to the Godfather himself, Pacino only notices Jill, a fellow native of the Bronx.  After the game, Pacino pursues Jill, the woman who has stolen his heart.  Aware of this, Jack sees his opportunity to get Pacino in his Dunkin' Donuts commercial and to save his company.

Jack and Jill might just be the worst Adam Sandler movie of all time.  For whatever strange reason, it might also be the most star-studded.  Obviously, he has mysteriously casted one of the greatest actors of all time in Al Pacino.  Katie Holmes can certainly do better as well.  This is even worse than her other film in 2011, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.  Beyond his co-stars, Sandler has also enlisted the likes of Johnny Depp, Drew Carey, Billy Blanks, Regis Philbin, Shaquille O'Neal, and a host of other celebrities for cameo appearances.  I just don't get why these talented actors and celebrities associate themselves with this crap.  It does no good for their résumés.

Jack and Jill is as bad as any comedy I've ever seen in my life.  There is not a damn thing that's actually funny.  With stupid twin languages, Shaq in an unsightly wig, and Adam Sandler's atrocious character Jill, I almost turned this movie off.  If I didn't have to write about it, I wouldn't have finished it.  Taking us from one unfunny joke to another, Sandler's Jack and Jill stands as something akin to Norbit and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.  It's just a horrible movie that shows us just how low low-brow comedy can go.

If you haven't figured it out by now, Jack and Jill gets a wasted rating.  I'm going to have to recommend some kamikaze shots with this one.  Get the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice out if you dare watch this Sandler flick.  Jack and Jill absolutely sucks and will annoy the hell out of you with its ignorance.  Everything is just wrong with this movie.