Jack The Giant Slayer

Warner Bros. is proud to announce the arrival of Jack The Giant Slayer released on DVD & Blu-ray on June 18!  Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them and rescue the princess!  The question is... are you courageous enough to rescue the princess? Are you brave like Jack?  Take the quiz to find out!

Celebrate this classic story with NEW content exclusive to the Jack The Giant Slayer Blog App!  You have the power! Control the moving GIFs and power the action in the movie with a swipe of your mouse! The Giant Soundboard lets you compose your own mashup of sounds from Jack The Giant Slayer, which your kids will enjoy for hours! Test your bravery and take the How Brave Are You? QUIZ to see if you are as brave as our hero Jack.

We're giving out a free Blu-ray/DVD copy of Jack The Giant Slayer to one lucky reader.  If interested, have some fun with the app below and post a comment on your experience by July 5th.  The comment must include a valid email address to be eligible for the giveaway.  We will randomly select one reader and inform them via e-mail by July 7th.