Star Wars Episode VII does not only bring back classic characters, but also introduces new ones to the story.  As of now, three new heroes and a villain are generating a great deal of excitement and speculation amongst the fan base of the franchise.  Here’s a breakdown of the actors in their upcoming roles:

John Boyega as “Finn”

British-born John Boyega is no stranger to acting in sci-fi roles, as evidenced by his film debut Attack the Block.  Not only that, but he also identifies as a fan of the Marvel superhero universe; potentially good news for him and fans, should this role catch the eyes of Hollywood’s superhero film producers.

By the looks of the two teasers for Episode VII, John appears to play a central character by the name of Finn.  While at first wearing the Storm Trooper’s armor, it seems he ditches the gear and becomes a man on the run.  There is no official confirmation that he is ‘force-sensitive’, allowing him to use the powers for which the series is famous.  However, there is visual evidence of him carrying a lightsaber, a weapon that is almost exclusively wielded by Force users, hinting at Finn becoming a Jedi.

Daisy Ridley as “Rey”

Daisy Ridley has gained prominence in the UK for her roles on British television, particularly in dramas like Casualty and Silent Witness.  Even though Star Wars Episode VII will be Daisy’s first ever performance in a major film, she was very well received in a large Star Wars Celebration gathering.

Details on Daisy’s character Rey are slim, most likely because of her appearance as a more mysterious character.  All that is revealed so far in the teasers is that she is a scavenger, living a solitary life roaming the desert planet of Jakku. She carries a staff with her and eventually pairs up with Finn.

Oscar Isaac as “Poe Dameron”

While the addition of fresh talent makes the newest Star Wars film even more exciting, more seasoned actors will be expected to add to the experience, such as American actor Oscar Isaac. He has played roles in many big films over the last decade, most notably the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, for which he was awarded and nominated many times for “Best Actor”.

Oscar plays Poe Dameron, whose shots within both teasers are exclusively of him piloting an X-Wing.  Not much more is known about what his role means for the movie, but Oscar has hinted at the Star Wars Celebration that his character is taking orders from “a certain princess”.  Most likely he means Princess Leia, a role reprisal for Star Wars veteran Carrie Fisher, which would be an exciting development for Episode VII’s plot.

Adam Driver as “Kylo Ren”

Adam Driver has some similarities to Oscar Isaac; both attended Juilliard to study drama, and performed together in Inside Llewyn Davis.  He stands out though with a history of theatre acting and being well-known for his role in Lena Dunham’s Girls.  It is perhaps because of his affinity for drama that he was given his place in Star Wars as a villain.

Kylo Ren, Episode VII’s key villain, hasn’t been seen without his mask up until photos like these were released.  Adam can be seen with Storm Troopers and wearing classic all-black Sith attire.  There are many intriguing aspects to Kylo Ren, namely the purpose of the mask, his undisclosed role within the Galactic Empire’s remnant faction “First Order”, and the defense-minded design of his lightsaber so unorthodox for Sith.