The Three Stooges

Directed By: Farrelly Brothers

Starring: Chris Diamantoloulos, Sean Hayes, and Will Sasso

Back in the good old days, The Three Stooges were the kings of comedy.  Their antics brought smiles to the faces of millions for more than 45 years.  For nearly half a century, they helped shape the landscape of television and film with their unique brand of slapstick comedy.  Moe, Larry, and Curly are arguably the most iconic comedy act of the twentieth century.  With that in mind, Peter and Bobby Farrelly decided to bring the famous trio back to life in The Three Stooges.

Moe (Chris Diamantoloulos), Larry (Sean Hayes), and Curly (Will Sasso) are dropped off at the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage and have been unleashing chaos and mayhem all over the orphanage ever since.  For the better part of two decades, their antics have plagued the sisters.  Now grown men still living at the orphanage, they've been torturing Mother Superior (Jane Lynch) and her nuns for quite some time. 

The boys have done so much damage that they've bankrupted the orphanage, and Monsignor Ratliffe (Brian Doyle-Murray) has decided to shut the place down within the next 30 days.  However, the infamously dim-witted trio wants to try to save the orphanage to raise the $830,000 the archdiocese needs to keep the place running.  Moe, Larry, and Curly then venture out into the world into which they've never gone before to find a job that pays that kind of dough.  They may find what they need when they meet Lydia (Sofia Vergara) who has an interesting assignment for these three.

The Three Stooges may have defined an era and made generations laugh, but this crap just isn't funny in 2012.  Their antics were quite entertaining a half century ago, and their work influenced generations of comedians.  However, it's not timeless.  Comedy has evolved too much, and there's no going back to the days when an eye poke or a fake shot with a hammer could make people laugh.  The Farrelly Brothers have gone a little too far back in time for my taste.

The Three Stooges is pretty painful to watch.  With completely outdated humor, The Farrelly Brothers just don't get the job done.  They've wasted the time and talents of a cast that includes the likes of Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara, and Jennifer Hudson.  Now, you need to get wasted in any attempt to have a good time during this flick.  Have some Kamakaze shots with The Three Stooges.