Ted 2

Directed By: Seth MacFarlane

Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman, Jessica Barth, Giovanni Ribisi, and John Slattery

The thunder buddies for life are back, and they seem to be ready-made for 2015.  From Deflate Gate's Tom Brady to Taken 3's Liam Neeson, the flood of perfectly timed pop culture references says it all.  With The Breakfast Club turning 30 back in February, Ted's library dance moves certainly pay homage to the signature John Hughes coming-of-age flick.  With Jurassic World breaking box office records each and every day, John Williams's iconic score doesn't go unnoticed.  With the Supreme Court issuing a pivotal ruling declaring gay marriage bans unconstitutional, our thunder buddies' homosexual sidekicks and their departure from the closet appear to be quite timely.  Yes, Ted 2 seems to be a comedy crafted exactly for this moment in time.  For some critics, that might be a bad thing.  However, I just laughed it off and let the jokes keep coming during this enjoyable second outing.

Ted (Seth MacFarlane) is having the happiest day of his life.  This is so because he is marrying the love of his life, the sensational Tami-Lynn McCafferty (Jessica Barth).  The same can't be said for his thunder buddy John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg).  Six months divorced from his wife Lori (formerly portrayed by Mila Kunis), he just won't get back in the dating game, no matter how many women throw themselves at him.  John and Lori just weren't meant to be together, and he really thought she was the one.  Fast forward a year, and Ted is feeling a bit of déjà vu.  Living the luxurious life that their careers as grocery store cashiers afford them, the two are frequently bickering over the smallest things these days.  After their most recent fight, the couple isn't talking to one another.

After some time of not talking to one another, Ted comes up with a brilliant idea to put his marriage back on track.  He wants to have a baby with Tami-Lynn.  He soon learns, however, that his wife's rockstar party lifestyle has left her barren.  With this in mind, the couple seeks to adopt a child.  There's just one problem.  Ted is not eligible for fatherhood as he is only property in the eyes of the state of Massachusetts.  Devastated by his legal status, Ted wants to fight the state.  To do so, he enlists the pro bono services of rookie attorney Samantha Leslie Jackson (Amanda Seyfried).  As he braces for the legal battle of his life, Ted gets more than he bargained for when Sam and Johnny begin to fall for one another.

There is no pop culture stone unturned by the beloved stoner John Bennett and his bear Ted.  Seth MacFarlane has no problem taking shots at Sam Jones, New York Comic Con, and the folks at Law & Order.  It's really quite wonderful and just adds to the already strong films currently roaring at the box office.  My chief criticism of its predecessor Ted was that its comedy was uneven in delivery.  I certainly can't say the same thing the sequel this time around as MacFarlane and his cast are firing on all cylinders.  They have a solid story worth telling, and deliver a barrage of laughs along the way here in Ted 2.

MacFarlane once again delivers one hilarious performance as the lovable bear Ted.  Rude, crude, and having lots of fun, his infectiously energetic performance is the lifeblood of the film's comedy.  Mark Wahlberg is much better this time around in his role as John Bennett as well.  A little less sappy, he's a true thunder buddy to Ted in this sequel.  Picking up where Mila Kunis left off, Amanda Seyfried is a welcome new addition to the gang as Samantha Leslie Jackson.  She's having fun in this performance, and it certainly translates to the big screen.  Lastly, we have a slew of supporting characters led by the always graceful Morgan Freeman and the slippery John Slattery.  It's a real boon that MacFarlane has gotten so many talented people on board for the Ted sequel.

Because I'm a little late to getting my review posted, I've heard some of the reactions to the film, which have been largely negative.  I don't care what other critics have to say and will buck the trend.  Ted 2 is a lighthearted, fun comedy that delivers the most important goods, laughs.  What more can a moviegoer ask for out of a comedy?  Ted 2 gets a 0.03% rating.  Have some wine coolers with this one.